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British Comediennes from the ’30s to the ’60s

British Comediennes from the '30s to the '60s

Geoff Bowden, the editor of the BMHS magazine ‘The Call Boy’ will be giving a talk to the Max Miller Appreciation Society on Friday 20th July 2012 at the Royal Albion Hotel, Brighton (opposite the Palace Pier) at 7.30pm. The subject of Geoff’s presentation is ‘Funny Girls: British Comediennes From The 1930s To The 1960s’ and will cover such artistes as Hylda Baker, Gladys Morgan, Elsie & Doris Waters, Joan Turner, Ethel Revnell & Gracie West, Suzette Tarri, Joyce Golding, Beryl Reid, etc. Admission is £2. All welcome.


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