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BMHS Website Updates

We now have a new section on the website called Associated Events. To access it just click on the ‘Events’ button and then ‘Associated Events’. You will find some terrific photos of our President Roy Hudd when he appeared at Brick Lane Music Hall in July. There are also a few pics of Call Boy editor, Geoff Bowden’s talk on British comediennes which he gave to the Max Miller Appreciation Society in Brighton on July 20th. In the audience was Joan Laurie, Gladys Morgan’s daughter and a superb performer in her own right.

Click here for the Associated Eevents page:

Also new on the website are some great photos taken by ex-Fleet Street photographer, Horace Ward. You will find Horace’s pics of 50s and 60s stars such as Alma Cogan, Adam Faith, Connie Francis and Cliff Richard on the ‘Members Memorabilia’ page. There will be more from Horace in future months.

Click here for the Members Memorabilia page:

Finally if you missed the BMHS show that Mickey Driver and company staged at the CAA in July there are some pics on the ‘Shows’ page to illustrate just what you missed. The next show will be the Society’s Annual Birthday Show starring Simmons and Simmons and will take place at the CAA on 4th September. Full details can be found on the link below:




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