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BMHS 50th Anniversary Festival – named 6th Best cabaret event of 2013!

A website called Not Television has named the British Music Hall Society’s 50th Anniversary Festival as the 6th best Cabaret event in 2013….we just missed out on 5th place by Gay Bingo!!
This is what they said:
Shining a spotlight on another branch of contemporary cabaret’s family tree, the British Music Hall Society’s fiftieth anniversary bash at Wilton’s later in the year was another affair to luxuriate in. From extensive programme and costume collections to revelatory panel discussions from voices as diverse as Ken Dodd and John Major (who confirmed “it’s not as big a step as you’d think” from the circus to the Commons), the love for this vintage form was palpable, even if there was a danger of appreciation settling into aspic and anecdotage – the very kind of backward thinking numerous contributors to the Weimar weekend warned against. Still, Mat Ricardo ably represented the current scene, and you couldn’t but grin at Brick Lane Music Hall doing the Lambeth Walk with full spoons and pearly schmutter.
Not Television’s website is:

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