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Popular British Singers Of The 1950s

Alma CoganFrankie VaughanJoan ReganPearl Carr en Teddy Johnson

The BMHS Study Group kicks off another year of meetings this coming Thursday, 18th September 2014, with the presentation British Popular Singers Of the 1950s, in which Call Boy editor Geoff Bowden looks back at the many singers around in Britain during that decade before looking in more detail at the careers of two outstanding entertainers to emerge during that period – Frankie Vaughan and Alma Cogan.

The Study Group meetings are open to all and are held at the Club For Acts and Actors, 20, Bedford Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9HP. The presentation will commence at 7.45pm. The BMHS does not charge for admission but voluntary donations towards the expenses of meetings are greatly appreciated.


Sheffield Theatre Talks and Walks

Roy Rogers and Chris Reece have organised a couple of events plus a series of walks to celebrate Sheffield Theatre. Details are given on the flyers below:



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