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Good Old Days Petition – Latest News

As you no doubt know, the BBC has repeated several editions of the popular music hall show, The Good Old Days in recent months on BBC4. The Society (thanks to Adam Borzone, our Vice Chairman) set up an online petition to ask the BBC to repeat all the Good Old Days TV shows that they have in their archive. We managed to get hundreds of signatures and Adam then sent the petition to Cassian Harrison, Editor of BBC4, who sent the following positive reply:

Dear British Music Hall Society,

 Thank you for getting in contact with us about The Good Old Days. We’re delighted with the happiness these repeats have brought to you and, indeed, to many viewers who have contacted us via the BBC log; it really is a much loved programme.

When we started the repeats it was important that viewers who may have been unfamiliar with the programme were made aware of the big names, the quality and the variety of the talent who appeared in the show and this was reflected in the episodes that were selected. Now that people are aware of the programme we will start taking a more chronological approach to the repeats. I cannot guarantee that all episodes that you remember will be broadcast (we investigate rights and materials available as we go along), or that the programme will be on every week but we will endeavour to strike the right balance between committed fans of the programme such as yourself and the wider BBC Four audience who have just discovered the programme.

 Kind regards

Cassian Harrison

Channel Editor, BBC4


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