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BMHS 53rd Annual Ball 2016

The Ball


Gracie Fields on Radio 4’s Great Lives

Gracie 1Gracie 2

Gracie Fields will be the subject of the first programme of the new series of  Great Lives, which will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday 2nd August at 4.30pm.

Introduced by Matthew Parris, the businesswoman and TV personality Hilary Devey will champion the life and career of the Rochdale born superstar. Also taking part in the programme will be Sebastian Lassandro, president of the Gracie Fields Appreciation Society.

Marie Lloyd and Vesta Tilley Play Tour


Broad Horizons Theatre Company presents a brand new play, The Little Bit The Boys Admire: The Marie Lloyd Story, which will be touring this autumn:

The Little Bit The Boys Admire

The Marie Lloyd Story

A new play with a few old songs by John Mangan

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Marie Lloyd, that pulchritudinous personification of the Golden Age of Music Hall, invites you to an evening of entertainment excellence in the Euterpian and Terpsichorean Arts …….she’ll sing and dance a bit, sir!

Yes, Miss Marie Lloyd, for one night only, will tell the story of her astonishing and inspiring rise to become the Queen of British Entertainment expressed, as only Marie can, with a song, a story and a naughty wink.

You will laugh! You will cry! You will see the glories of Music Hall live again and hear some of the songs we still remember with nostalgic pleasure.

A lifetime in an evening!

With frequent assistance and factual correction from that virtuoso of contrariwise confusion…. she dresses as a man, madam! – Miss Vesta Tilley, the original Burlington Bertie!

Guaranteed top drawer performances of those great songs, some in their entirety!

  • The Boy I Love Is up in the Gallery
  • Don’t Dilly Dally on the Way
  • I’m One Of The Ruins that Cromwell Knocked About
  • A Little of What You Fancy
  • When I Take My Morning Promenade
  • Burlington Bertie
  • From Marble Arch to Leicester Square

Take this unique opportunity to relive an era of Glory, Glitter and Gold.

Every performance by Miss Marie Lloyd is a Command Performance – by order of the British public!


Tour dates so far booked can be found on Broad Theatre’s website:

The Little Bit The Boys Admire

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