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Check Out The Davenports New Website

The Davenport Collection website is a growing resource on magic and entertainment history . Check it out at

The Davenports have been accumulating magic, puzzles, jokes, novelties and relatedephemera ever since Lewis Davenport founded his magic business in 1898. It was not until the 1980s that a start was made on assessing the breadth and depth of what the family owned. The latest venture in making this material accessible is the Davenport Collection website, curated by John Davenport. Phase 1 is now up and running, and includes 300 posters which are searchable for acts, dates, theatres and towns.

Another section of the website makes available specialist talks which, once given, are oftenlost. Already we have seven talks in PDF format:
➢ Roy Field The first of 80 British Ring conventions, Cheltenham 1931
➢ Paul Freeman Noms de Theatre – stage names for magicians
➢ Anne Goulden Wyn Davenport’s autograph albums
➢ Anne Goulden Intermittently on the halls
➢ Peter Lane Magicians’ programmes
➢ David Price Booksellers, collectors and rogues
➢ Fergus Roy Will Goldston – the man and the legend.


The second phase of the website will go live later in 2017.


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