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Joe Wilson To Be Honoured at Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle

The historic Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle will honour Joe Wilson by naming him as the writer of Aw Wish Your Muther Wad Cum, the song that inspired Ralph Hedley’s 1890 masterpiece Come Geordie Ha’ad the Bairn.

 The painting, which hangs in the Northern Spirit gallery, depicts Joe’s song Aw Wish Your Muther Wad Cum, which is a tribute to working class women

Tyneside artist Ralph Hedley called the painting Geordie Ha’ad the Bairn, which was commissioned in the autumn of 1890 by the editor of the Newcastle Chroniclewho wanted an image based on the song for the paper’s Christmas edition.

The Newcastle Chronicle noted that: “Wilson was a household name on Tyneside and his songs were popular at every part of the world where Tynesiders are accustomed to gather together.”

The new plaque reveal, naming Joe Wilson, will take place on Wednesday, November 21, at 1pm in the Northern Spirit on the ground floor of the Laing Art Gallery.

Ed Waugh will give a brief  talk about Joe and  Micky Cochrane (The Great Joe Wilson) will sing Aw Wish Your Muther Wad Cum in front of the picture.

 Free entry to the Laing event. All welcome.

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