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Abney Park’s Music Hall Stars

Colin Sell Presents ‘Your Own, Your Very Own’ – Abney Park’s Music Hall Stars


Colin Sell, of Radio 4’s Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, will present Your Own, Your Very Own, a documentary detailing the life and times of the music hall stars buried in Abney Park, followed by a live Q&A session.

This event will consist of a short talk from Colin Sell in which he discusses the links between Abney Park and music hall of the Victorian and Edwardian periods. This will be followed by a live stream of a 45 minute documentary presented by Colin Sell, and featuring Barry Cryer, which goes into the stories behind such stars as George Leybourne, Fred Albert, Nellie Power, Walter Laburnum and many more.

Submit your questions for the Q&A session ahead of this event via email at

To book tickets for this event, click on the link below:

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