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Winifred Atwell Honoured With A Black Plaque

A black plaque honouring the late pianist Winifred Atwell has been unveiled at the former site of a hair salon she owned in south London.

The sign was put up by the Nubian Jak Community Trust as part of a project to recognise historically significant black people.

The musician achieved great success in the 1950s playing boogie-woogie and topped the charts with her Christmas song Let’s Have Another Party, as well as The Poor People Of Paris.

The Trinidadian, who died in 1983, was reportedly the first black musician to top the UK charts.The plaque was unveiled at the site of a hair salon which she used to own in Chaucer Road, Brixton, according to the Nubiyan Jack Community Trust.

Jak Beula, who founded the organisation, said Atwell was “a remarkable woman” and an “extraordinarily talented individual”.“You are talking about a woman who transcended colour whose talent took her all around the world,” he added.

The black plaque put up on Friday 6th November will later be replaced with a permanent blue memorial.

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