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Music Hall and Variety Day 2023 – Tuesday 16th May – #MHVD2023 #musichallvarietyday

It’s back for a fourth year!

Music Hall & Variety Day was introduced by the British Music Hall Society in 2020. It is an opportunity for theatre collections and collectors, performers, theatres and theatre historians to celebrate Music Hall and Variety theatre. The day is celebrated annually and marks the birth date of Roy Hudd, who was President of the Society for 28 years until his death in 2020. Music Hall and Variety fans are encouraged to post photographs on social media of personal artefacts, stories and memories of the genre using the hashtags #musichallvarietyday #MHVD2023. The more who join in and use the ## might lead to #MusicHallVarietyDay trending on social media. Wouldn’t that be something?

During the course of the day, there will be an excellent online talk at 2pm by Dr Billy Rough – you can book via Ticketsource here.

The Courier wrote an excellent article about Dundee and the talk which you can read here:

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